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We Provide Safe, Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

At Frequency, we provide doctor-supervised, safe, and non-surgical weight loss and body contouring programs which are medically proven to help patients lose weight quickly and naturally. The name Frequency comes from our use of frequency technology using non-invasive lasers to create results. With a remarkable 20 years of experience, we leverage our expertise to improve health outcomes naturally. Dr. G has been safely and effectively helping people with wellness and weight loss since 1999 at his main practice, Back-Health & Inner Radiance Wellness, located in the Biltmore area of Phoenix.

Our Mission

At Frequency, we believe in a personalized approach.  When it comes to overall health and weight loss, we know that two people are not alike in what will work for their lifestyle and body.  Our experienced staff assess every patient individually to design a plan that will yield optimal results. Our primary focus is to make sure you’re feeling & looking your best.

Our Services

Unable to lose weight and keep it off using exercise and diet alone? Don’t worry! You still have options. It’s time to look & feel like yourself again!

Zerona laser treatment, laser fat burn

Weight Loss (Chirothin Program)

Fads can’t help you lose weight – our treatment can. Trust our weight loss program to shed fat quickly, safely and naturally. While so many weight loss diets work in the short term, ours is focused on the long term and your health, while providing you with immediate, visible results.

Fat Loss (Zerona Laser Treatment)

If you have stubborn areas of fat that exercise and diet haven’t been able to trim down, you’re likely the perfect candidate for Zerona Laser treatment. The risks associated with this treatment are absolutely zero!

Enhanced with Customized Supplement Support

We strive for balance every day. We try to eat right, reduce stress, exercise often, and sleep better. Yet sometimes, even when we’re doing our best, we need a boost. That’s where wellness supplements come in. We utilized supplements specifically formulated for weight loss, through Chirothin, in addition to other professional supplements customized to your needs.

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Real Fat Loss

Struggling to lose body fat? It’s about time you consider our weight loss programs to shed fat quickly in a natural, non-invasive way. Our Chirothin(Weight loss program) and Zerona Laser treatment can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Why Frequency Weight Loss & Wellness?

Our team has worked with thousands of clients in the weight loss and wellness industry to create successful lifestyle changes and health improvements over the course of 25+ years.  Hear from our clients and discover why they have been trusting us for years.

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    Hear from our clients and discover why they have been trusting us for years.

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